Intro to Ballet 

Introduce your little dancer to the beautiful art of ballet! This class will enhance your child’s coordination, balance and flexibility with the teaching of ballet positions, steps, and terminology through standing barre work and simple center floor exercises. Your child will also enjoy simple and fun exercises in creative movement and music exploration. 

Beginner Ballet 

 Dancers will learn technique and discipline in a positive and encouraging environment.  They will develop posture, balance, and flexibility through barre and center work.  Students will learn increased traditional ballet skills, leaps, and turns that they will practice in a variety of combination. Classroom focus will be on appropriate etiquette, and respect for others while growing in grace and self confidence. 

Beginner/Intermediate Ballet :

Dancers in this class should have a good foundation of ballet technique and begin to understand and perform proper alignment.  Ballet etiquette and proper attire will be enforced. Dancers will work on developing stronger technique, posture, vocabulary, flexibility, strength, and coordination. 5th position is now used consistently, and new turns and leaps will be introduced.