About Us

About Us

Ms. Kelly’s Dance Studio was founded on my love and passion for dancing and my dream to be a dance teacher.

Shannon and I started our partnership and business in early 2016. We are friends whose daughters share a love for dance. I decided to hold a weekly dance class out of my home which led to our 1st annual Dance Camp for the community. It was a wonderful success that gave us the faith to open our studio in Bandera, Texas.  

I began dancing in kindergarten at my school’s dance program through Miss Judy’s Art of Dance. I idolized my instructors Miss Judy, and Miss Erin from the beginning and I knew at a young age my dream was to be a dance teacher someday. I danced with Miss Judy until my senior year in high school. At age 17 I began teaching lyrical and hip hop classes for Miss Judy as my senior project. I taught routines through that season that were performed in Miss Judy’s recital.

I also began classes at the Conklin Dance Academy in New York at the age of 16. I knew at that age I wanted as much dance experience as I could get. There, I studied a more structured Ballet as well as Hip Hop. I danced with the Conklin Dance Academy until I graduated high school.

Through high school I was part of the football cheerleading team, the Pom Squad for marching band, the Celtic’s competitive cheer team out of Choconut, PA, and I started up a Dance Team at my high school in 9th grade, that I continued with the help of friends and my Mom until graduation.

In the fall following graduation, I traveled abroad to Merida, Venezuela. I lived there for a year. In that time I became a dancer for Fusion Dance of Merida,Venezuela. We performed at many dance competitions and events throughout the year. I learned so much from traveling that has given me another dimension to my teaching technique. I had formed a great friendship with one of my teachers from Fusion Dance and shortly after I returned home, she came to visit me. Her and I traveled to L.A., California and took Ballet and Hip Hop classes together.

While part time assistant teaching dance, working as a hairdresser, and waitressing in 2010 I met my Husband Mic who brought me back to his home of Bandera, Texas. I became mom to 4 beautiful children. I had been taking a break from dancing in that time and now am ready to continue to pursue my dream!

I couldn’t make this all happen without my friend Shannon. She is all the behind the scenes and business half of Ms. Kelly’s Dance. We make a great team and we’re proud to bring a dance studio to our community!

~Kelly Hubble

Meet Our Team

Shannon Griffin

Co-owner and Studio Manager

Kelly Hubble

Co-owner and Head Instructor

You can download a printable PDF form that outlines our studio policies. Click on the button below.

You can download a printable PDF form that outlines our studio policies. Click on the button below.